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Premium Quality Freshly Roasted

Our story.
A morning prayer & coffee.

A business is simply an idea to make other peoples lives better & what better way than serving premium quality, freshly roasted, 100% arabica beans.
From the start we were passionate about out-sourcing only the best quality green beans to the perfect roaster. Our matt black pouches offer lock in quality with a one-way valve & a re-sealable ziploc for returning freshness.

The arabica coffee bean is the Adam & Eve of all coffees, in that is likely the first type of coffee bean ever consumed. Arabica is by far the dominant bean used today, representing about 70% of global production.

Arabica is considered the merlot of coffee, it has a mild taste, & to coffee drinkers, it can be described to have a sweetness, that is light & airy like the mountains it comes from.

To achieve our unique taste notes, we have created custom blends of beans with two or more roasting levels.
This provides a depth of flavor & complexity that cannot be achieved with a single roast.

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