Agape Single Origin 100% Organic


100% Arabica Coffee
Taste Notes – Lime, Apple, Nut & Chocolate
Available in Beans, Ground & Espresso 225g

Light roasts provide the lightest , most delicate flavors & can often be more acidic. Because there is less of a roasted flavor, the original flavor of the bean is allowed to shine through. High-quality beans or varietals with very distinct flavors are often roasted light to allow the original flavor to remain prominent. These beans will appear dry, as the bean has not been heated to the point where the oil is extracted.

Medium-roasted beans will have a chocolate brown color, dry surface, & a full flavor. These beans will have less acidity than lightly roasted beans & a slightly sweet, toasty flavor. Due to the balanced flavor & acidity, this is the most popular roast within the major commercial coffee market

Dark-roasted coffee is roasted until the sugars begin to caramelize & the oils begin to rise to the surface of the bean. Depending on the darkness of the roast, the bean may have a slight sheen or an oily appearance. The flavor of dark roasted beans is strong, smoky & sometimes spicy. The original flavor of the bean is overpowered by the roasted flavor & therefor lower quality beans are often used for darker roasts. Although these roasts have a low acidity, they are often described as bitter.

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